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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hotel Management

Hard-driving career woman Tanya Danielle has recently obtained a degree in Hotel Administration from Cornell University. Like so many recent graduates Ms. Danielle has experienced trouble finding a job. Imagine her delight when she finally lands a position at the Mike Raffone Travelodge Suites. Unfortunately she encounters a troublesome customer on her very first day. He informs her that the place is a dump and requests a refund of his money so he can make a reservation at one of the larger hotel chains in the area. Desperate to change his mind Ms. Danielle offers to perform a naked striptease dance inside his room for no additional charge..

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hair Washing Fantasy

36DD Tanya Danielle loves to wash her her long, luxurious, blonde locks. She also relishes the opportunity to excite you with her wet, naked body. Step into a steamy shower with Tanya and feel your temperature rise as she lathers up both her hair and her sexy curves. Afterward she will titillate you even more by blowing her tresses dry and preparing for a romp in the bedroom..

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Bling Bracelet

Uptight housewife Tanya Danielle has discovered her husband's stash of porn and she is so enraged that she is threatening divorce. In the midst of her ranting and raving ("How can you do this to me?", "Am I not enough for you?", "I gave birth to your children and you do THIS to me?!", etc.) her desperate husband hands her a jewelry box containing a bracelet. Tanya snatches it out of his hand. When she looks at it she immediately tears into him for giving her something so cheesy. Mockingly she puts it on her wrist and prepares to insult the gift even more. All of a sudden a shrill ringing sound is heard. Tanya sits bolt upright as if she has just been hit with an electronic cattle prod. She appears disoriented for a few moments and then in a zombie-like voice she says:

"Yes, Master. Your wish is my command."

Zombie Tanya does not know that her husband is controlling her with the magic bracelet. All she can do is follow orders. She will remember nothing after he deactivates the bracelet, but for now she unquestioningly fulfills all his requests. He instructs her to masturbate and talk dirty like a hot pornstar. She does so for a few minutes until he deactivates the bracelet. Tanya is restored to her real self and she remembers nothing of her masturbation show. She continues to berate her husband. He activates the bracelet again and instructs her to look next to the bed and find a huge, double-headed black dildo. She does so and then performs another masturbation show when he orders her to do it. Zombie Tanya stays engrossed in her performance until she explodes in the orgasm which her Master orders her to have. She then gets dressed and puts the dildo away as he instructs her to do. Afterward she kneels on the bed and listens to her Master. He informs her that he is going to pimp her out to perform masturbation shows for paying audiences.

"Yes, Master. Your wish is my command." she says.

Her Master leaves the room and deactivates the bracelet on his way out the door. Now real Tanya is back. She starts to rip into her husband again but realizes that he has vanished.

"How dare you leave when I'm talking to you, you bastard!" she screams. "I'll make you pay for this!!!!!"

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fair Megababe vs. the Evil Satana is On Sale!!

Here cameraman Mike Raffone describes classic 2002 superheroine catfight Fair Megababe vs. the Evil Satana:

"It's Francesca Le as Satana and Tanya Danielle as the Superheroine Megababe. Tanya (in her civilian incarnation)takes a phone call for Megababe from the mayor. It seems Satana is back and Megababe is called on to save the town from her. She dresses in the Megababe Superheroine outfit as she talks about what Satana is up to and how she will deal with the situation to save the city from her evil clutches. She puts on a pair of pantyhose before the uniform and cape, plotting how she will subdue and capture Satana. When Megababe gets to Satana's place, they struggle and Satana gets Megababe xposed to chloroform and has her out. Satana leaves and Mega babe wakes up, but Satana come back in just as she is getting up, and the struggle continues. With more chlorororm, Satana has Mega babe knocked out again. Slowly, Megababe goes down for the count, and Satana taunts her as she goes. Megababe is resilient and gets a burst of strength and battles Satana getting her in a headlock, thus getting back in control. They continue battling and Megababe seems to be getting Satana down but only a bit, Satana gets back on control and they continue battling with Megebabe vowing she will be victorious on the side of rightousness. Satana gets her down again with the chlorofrom and gets away. Megababe tries to get up, but the chlorpform was too much, and Satana comes back to taunt her and finish her off with more of the chloroform. Satana is wicked as she taunts Megababe as she lies on the floor barely concious, trying to revive. When Satana gets close in, Megababe gets a burst of strength and whacks her in the head, knocking her out with her superpowers. She need more of her power back so she puts on her super gloves and Super boots renewing her strength to persue Satana again. She gets surprised by Satana, who sneaks up her her from behind and grabs her into a hold and gets her down again and crunches her tits with her own brand of magic. Again, Megababe is out cold again, but Satana has better plans for her than to finish her off...When Megababe wakes back up, they are in Satana's hideout, with Megababes superheroine costume completely off and Megababe naked except for the boots. Satana knows if she gives Megababe 3 orgasms she will become aroused and lose conciousness and all her powers. Satana is so wicked, she ties Megababe up and continues to arouse Megababe as with a toy to her pussy and some titty stimulation. Satana taunts Megababe as she keeps up the stimulation to Megababes vagina. With no control and tied up, Megababe tries to resist the toy on her pussy and megababes fondlilng of her boobs, but it is difficult, to say the least, and has a second orgasm. The battle is on as Megababe is weaker now and Satana gets cocky knowing that Megababe is really no match for her. When Satana smothers Megababes, tits Megababe bites down on her nipple and finds out that if she bites Satan's tits, she will lose her power, and give Megababe more power as well, so Megababe gets back in the game, and becomes an increasing threat to Satana as her strength gets renewed... Buy the clip to find out whether evil or virtue triumphs in this twisted saga!"

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cape Cod Bob - another MA native just like Mike Raffone

Boob-O-Rama! Or should I say "Bob"-O-Rama? Here is a description of the new Tanya's Striptease - the Director's Cut series now playing at

"Bob of gained national notoriety several decades ago when he lost his high school teaching job in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Parents of many of his students had been shocked to discover that Bob had a side business filming foot fetish videos. They demanded that he resign from his teaching position. Even Johnny Carson cracked a few jokes about Bob during his monologue on The Tonight Show. These days Bob still resides in Massachusetts and has devoted himself full-time to the making of erotic videos. Buy the Tanya's Striptease - the Director's Cut to hear Cape Cod Bob directing Tanya during her striptease!"

- XO Tanya


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Customer Testimonial

"Once more Tanya Danielle's Custom Videos has delivered a quality product. The video, sound and editing are excellent; and Tanya and Kianna certainly delivered excellent performances. Jay was very good about keeping my informed on the status of my order and has been eminently helpful at all stages of my order.

I would heartily recommend Tanya Danielle's Custom Videos to anyone interested in personalized fetish videos."

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Grinch Jewell Marceau tried to steal Christmas but I did not let her.

Merry Christmas!

- XXOO Tanya